Obesity in Children

Is your health suffering and you can't figure out what's wrong? Maybe BodyTalk can answer your questions. Miranda Jamieson practices BodyTalk at Perfect Balance Therapies in south Reno. "It's an accumulation of your experiences, your choices, your attitude, your beliefs, your feelings. The environment you find yourself in and often is contributing in one shape or form to our health issues. It's really about looking at how our psychology affects our health and looking at the underlying causes of illness as opposed to symptoms."

Miranda says BodyTalk is about whole body health. Her client, Leah Chism, says she came to Miranda to help with digestive issues. But after a few sessions, her body revealed deep-seeded anger. "I held onto it for eight years not even realizing how long it had been. And then after we had a session, Miranda discovered that and I said 'oh, well let me tell you about that.' She found it, I didn't tell her."

Miranda says she uses structured intuition when listening to a client's body. She gently holds a person's wrist. She silently asks your body questions. Miranda detects the yes or no answers based on the tension in the wrist. She follows a specific order of questions as a guide to understand where the body wants to heal itself. She then taps on your head and chest to reset your body's own ability to heal. "All the areas that awareness is brought to in your body, now your body can turn its attention to those areas and start healing itself, start repairing itself. So there's nothing you need to do as a client when you leave, your body is taking care of what came up in the treatment."

Miranda says it's like a cut on your hand. You don't have to do anything for your body to heal the wound. It simply does it. Same with BodyTalk. She resets the natural healing ability of your body so your own body can heal itself, help even prevent diseases and increase personal growth and self awareness.

Miranda is having a free public talk on the BodyTalk system this coming Friday, February 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Perfect Balance Therapies near The Grove in south Reno. To register call 852-9995. 

For more information online, head to www.renobodytalk.com

Written By Wendy Damonte