Nevada Health Link Adds More Carriers And Insurance Plans

The Open Enrollment Period for a health insurance plan through Nevada Health Link runs from November 1 to January 15. Officials are encouraging people to get a head-start and shop for a plan ahead of time.

"We really encourage Nevadans to go onto the website, they can check out the premiums, how much their premium is going to cost, they can see what their deduction and out-of-pocket will be," Janel Davis, Communications Officer for Nevada Health Link said.

Health Plan of Nevada, SilverSummit, Anthem HMO Nevada, SelectHealth and Friday Health Plans are returning insurance carriers on the exchange. Aetna and Hometown Health Plan are two new carriers. Nevada Health Link offers 126 plans. Last year, it only had 50 plans. Every Nevada county has at least 53 plans to choose from. There are also dental and vision plans.

"We're really happy," Davis said. "I mean, our mission is to reduce the number of uninsured throughout the state of Nevada. I think this shows that the exchange is a really healthy market and there's obviously still a need for this type of insurance."

Approximately 88,000 Nevadans get their health insurance through the exchange. Davis says the state's uninsured rate was about 24 percent in 2013. Tuesday, it is down to about 12 percent. A large portion of the uninsured population includes younger adults.

"It's really that young, invincible population who thinks that they're healthy enough that they don't need it or they can't afford it," Davis said. "So again, it really comes down to educating this population."

People who do not have health insurance through their employers or who do not have Medicare or Medicaid can purchase a plan on the exchange.

"If you just don't have insurance or you don't have any of those other insurance plans, then Nevada Health Link would absolutely be a resource for you," Davis said.

Davis says the monthly costs have gone down over the past year-and-a-half. More people qualify for subsidies than before.

"A lot of people don't realize that they can be eligible to receive subsidies and that their plan could even really be zero dollars," Davis said.

Thousands of people were able to sign up for insurance on the exchange during special enrollment periods because of the pandemic in 2021. Davis hopes the momentum will carry over into 2022.

"Insurance is designed to protect you and your family from financial ruin if a medical emergency were to happen and during a national pandemic or a public health emergency, now is definitely not the time to go without coverage," Davis said.

Nevada Health Link partners with agents, brokers and navigators to walk customers through the process. They can help find the policy that works best for each individual and family, regardless of zip code.

To do your own window shopping, follow the link here.