Today, the Reno Aces welcomed their season with an opening day victory of 13-9 over the Las Vegas Aviators to take the series 1-0. 

Before the game, fans were filled with excitement to watch their favorite teams play.

We also caught up with nearby bar and grill Mellow Fellow to see how they got ready for opening day. 

"We definitely ramped up staff," said Jason Dunmyer, Executive Chef at Mellow Fellow. "We ramped up all of our inventory. We got our new menu in place and ready to go. We're anticipating a lot of people down here you know looking forward to it."

Mellow Fellow is a restaurant and bar located just across the street from the baseball field, some people say it's the go-to pregame spot before Aces games.

However, Mellow Fellow wants to change their reputation.

"We've definitely done some things with the business to bring new people in a different demographic, more of like we're a restaurant before a bar, you know food focused and all that kind of thing," Dunmyer said.

With the incoming season, Dunmyer anticipates it to be a much busier time for the restaurant and he says he has the perfect staff to handle it.

"I can't do this without the staff," Dunmyer said. "This restaurant would not be what it is without everybody that we have here. We have a super hard working and dedicated team. There just as focused on making this business great." 

Fans today were excited to finally sit and watch the Aces kick off the season and for some, it was like a family reunion.

"We've been here for 15 years now," said Dennis Erickson, Reno Aces fan. "We've gotten to know a lot of people that sit around us. It's kind of like family only we all come back together and talk about the offseason and what we're doing and our families. It has a great family feel."

For some fans, every season there is something new to be excited about.

"And every time you come back there's something new," said Anthony Spotts, Season Ticket Holder. "Whether it's new food, a new experience, new music, or even just jerseys, themes. They try and come up with something creative all the time."

Aces fans will be excited for game two of the series as the game starts tomorrow at 4:05 p.m.

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