UPDATE: Assembly Bill 286 passed along party lines at the Nevada Legislature on Tuesday night, 26-16.

It will now head to the Senate. 

A judiciary committee passed a bill prohibiting 'ghost guns,' -- preventing people from possessing, selling, purchasing or transporting firearms not imprinted with a serial number.

The bill, AB286, passed with an amendment in the Nevada Legislature on Friday afternoon.

The bill also prevents a person from having a firearm on a 'covered premises' without the written consent of the owner of the premises. The bill also outlines how owners can post signs warning gun owners about restrictions on their property, and exceptions to violations.

A 'covered premises' was defined as:

- A club venue

- A golf course

- A licensed gaming establishment

- A motion picture theater

- A place of religious worship

- A public accommodation facility

- A shopping mall

- A stadium, arena, concert hall, theater, showroom or any facility used for live entertainment or sporting event

To read the entire bill, see the document below.