In the Nevada Legislature, the deadline for the second house passage is Friday. Both the assembly and senate are holding long floor sessions to get hundreds of bills to Governor Joe Lombardo’s desk.

Assembly Joint Resolution 5 would amend the state constitution to allow for the operation and regulation of a modern lottery. It's expected to pass. 

Assemblyman Cameron "C.H." Miller is the force behind the resolution. 

"After a vote here in this legislative body, then the next legislature, they would have to vote in and pass it, and then it would go directly to the people of Nevada to make a vote on the ballot, at that time it would simply be an amendment to our constitution where then we would have to go back to the legislature to actually build out a lottery," explained (D-North Las Vegas) Assemblyman Cameron "C.H." Miller. 

Miller says that in California, 7 out 10 of their highest earning lottery depots surround Nevada. He says it's millions in revenue that the state is missing out on for critical services.

"I have been saying since the beginning, for me I want the money to go to mental health, so my full intention is if we get this thing stood up, if the people of Nevada say hey, we want to have a lottery in our state, that we start gearing that specific focus towards mental health funding for youth," explained Miller.

Another high-profile bill that passed today was medical aid in dying.

Sources tell us it has been a controversial issue for the past five legislative session.

As for the budget, lawmakers are slowly making progress.

Three budget bills passed along partisan lines. Two budget bills passed in the senate, with the education budget being split among democrats who proposed it and republicans who support Lombardo's vision.

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