Fire Danger While Camping

Lots of people will be camping this holiday weekend and some might be making campfires too. Davis Creek Campground is just outside of Reno and works on a first come first serve basis. The campground will likely be full by Saturday afternoon. 

"We actually get a lot of first timers," said Park Ranger Andy Brown. 

As of now it's alright to build a camp fire at state parks, but that's weather permitting. Frank Young and his family plan on building another one Friday night. It went well last time. 

"We did not build it big. Had it kind of small. Did not burn anything down," said Frank Young. 

Park Ranger Andy Brown says campfires should not be any taller than your knee. The Young family is doing it right and being extra careful. You don't want to use any natural materials from the area. 

"It's been great because people I think they know it's really dangerous right now. With the amazing winter we've had we've gotten a lot more cheat grass on the ground," said Ranger Brown. 

Something you do not want to throw in a camp fire.

The biggest rule is to never leave your campfire alone and make sure it's out when you go to bed. It should be cold to the touch without any embers.

Using Tiki torches and sagebrush as a source of fire is a bad idea as well.

Ranger Brown also recommends bringing a shovel just in case.

Remember fireworks are not allowed either.