For videographer and Nevada native, Cody Villalobos, whether it’s with a drone or a traditional camera, it's all about capturing the right shot....   His attention to detail has recently won him a spot on the video production team for a big country-music super star.

"So, I'm working with Justin Moore. A couple of people hopefully know his name,” Cody says laughing gently,  “He's got a couple of big hits, he just got a number one the other day".

In the country music scene, Justin Moore is a pretty big deal.

It was at this summer's Night In The Country in Yerington where everything changed for Villalobos, who was doing some video work for the Boys & Girls Club at the music festival.  He caught the attention of the famous musician's media team.

 "(They said) ...let’s see what you got, so I got on stage, at Night In The Country, and that was the first time doing that for them, and I was able to get that returned to them by the next day and they were impressed with my work and next thing you know, they were calling me up and flying me out," explains Cody.

Yup, he's been flown all the way out to the beaches of Mexico, where Villalobos has worked his videography magic with a drone. The miniature aircraft also allows him to get great aerial shots of the concert crowds. And that drone is just one part of the high end equipment Cody owns; he showed us his A-7, S-2 camera that takes high definition photos and video.

The investment and hard work is paying off for Cody. The past few months have been a whirlwind.

"The reality set in that this is real, this is mine,” Cody says, grinning widely as he shows us his full access stage pass.“This is what I get to wear to work every day."

Cody got his start at Yerington High School, where he and a few buddies asked their photography teacher if they could create a video class. "We would do sports broadcast type thing. We would do highlight reels. We would do video editing on every sport that we had going on."

It's been a few years since those high school days, but Cody's work ethic has only grown stronger.

“I have really good buddies that we all learn together type of thing,” says Villalobos “But none of us have gone to film school, none of us have gotten any lessons or anything like that. It's all just, learn as you go - and go from there.”

Right now this videographer is going on tour with country super star Justin Moore.

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