Donating Food and Money From Local Grocery Stores

When you're checking out at the grocery store this holiday season, you'll likely see a few different ways to give back to those less fortunate.

At Save Mart, their "Give, Share, Care" program allows you to apply a two, three, or five dollar donation to the overall cost of your bill. The money will pay for someone's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

On Friday December 7th, during our Share Your Christmas Drive By Food Drive,the store is going to match a portion of the proceeds they earn that day.

"We’ll match up to $3,500 of monetary donations that are happening at the check stands,” says Chris DeRosa, Save Mart Store Manager.

For a larger customer donation of $10 to $20 dollars, Save Mart and Raley’s will fill brown paper bagswith food like boxed items, canned goodsand even fruits and veggies. 

"You'd be surprised on that person that comes up and wants to spend $100 dollars on bags,” says Shawn Williams, Store Lead at Raley’s.

Each bag stays local and goes directly to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.Some customers are even including their donation items on their grocery list.

“We do get that every once in a while where a person comes in and there's a canned drive going on, so they'll ask for a case of certain vegetables,” says Williams.

DeRosa says because products like non-perishables are flying off the shelves at this time of year, his store is constantly restocking its merchandise during the holiday season.

“We have to adjust our orders and make sure we have more of that stuff coming in, so make sure we keep the shelves replenished so people who want to help out and donate have the ability to do so.”

Safeway and Smiths supermarkets are also hosting holiday food drive events in their stores to benefit local food banks.