Great Western Marketplace Prepares to Open This Summer

A vacant building that's been sitting in northwest Reno for quite some time is being turned into a weekend destination, beginning this summer.

The old K-Mart on Summit Ridge Drive is being turned into a hub for people who owners say may be hesitant to start a business.

"We're providing them a low-cost alternative to come out here and start their new business and for existing business owners to come out here and either expand their business, downsize their business or just create another medium to offer a completely different product," says Terry Naumann.

He says spaces are filling up quickly inside the 167,000 square foot building. The Great Western Marketplace is scheduled be open each weekend from Friday to Sunday. And you can expect to see people selling things like antiques, jewelry, clothing - all sorts of stuff!

There's also plans for restaurants and live entertainment every weekend. Naumann says this business idea is a way for our state to continue recovering economically.

"What better way to do that than to take something that was initially envisioned as an urban blight, i.e. a big box store, if you will, that's been sitting vacant for all these years and turn it into something that's actually a community-focused, for the community to come together to shop, meet and start new businesses."

They're expecting the marketplace to be officially open around the end of July.

Written by Adam Varahachaikol