Geothermal Power Growing in Nevada

When it comes to geothermal energy Reno is not only recognized throughout the country but throughout the world. 

"We have Steamboat on the south side of town which produces enough power for all of the homes in our area," said Yvette Hamacek of Geothermal Development Associates. 

What makes Reno unique is the proximity of geothermal manufacturing to city life.  While we've seen an overall growth in renewable energy sources over the past few years, geothermal itself has been in Reno since the 1980's.  The convention is a great way for businesses to network and for the public to gain awareness.  Steve Ponder is director of the Geothermal Resources Council.

"Lots of people in the business probably fifty percent of them are still in the Reno area," said Ponder.

Ormat is a huge geothermal corporation with sites located throughout the world.  They're based in Reno. 

"For us this is the place to be," said Isaac Angel. CEO of Ormat. 

As of last year roughly ten percent of northern Nevada's energy capacity is geothermal.  Geothermal Development Associates is a business located in Reno as well.  The convention allows them to make contacts and expand their business. 

"This is one of the biggest geothermal events every year," said Hamacek. We have people here from East Africa, Indonesia, Papa New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand," said Hamacek.

Students can attend the event as well. 

"We do host the Geothermal Academy here in Reno," said Hamacek.

Getting the chance to learn more, renew relationships with other companies, and grow the geothermal business.