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If the cost of installing a solar energy system has been preventing you from investing in this type of renewable energy, keep reading. NV Energy is expected to launch a new, statewide renewable energy incentive program - that will offset the installation costs.

To learn more about that - and the benefits of going solar, Reid Hamilton, of Hamilton Solar, is here for tonight's Money Watch Q & A. If you have a question for him, call 858-2222 between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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From KPS3: 

In anticipation of a major announcement from NV Energy about a new renewable energy incentive program, Hamilton Solar, Nevada’s largest locally-owned solar company, is preparing to lead Nevada businesses and residents into becoming more energy efficient while receiving solar energy rebates never before available. With more than five years of solar energy experience in Nevada, Hamilton Solar’s experts have been researching and developing strategies for its customers to take advantage of the positive effects the incentive program will offer.

The announcement, which is expected to be made on Thursday, June 26, will mark the launch of NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations Performance Based Incentive Program. This incentive/rebate program will help NV Energy customers offset the installation costs of solar energy systems.

The incentive program is expected to have a positive impact on both residential and commercial properties in Nevada. The program should allow residential homes that are using solar power to receive an up-front cash rebate. The program is also anticipated to significantly raise the cap of the maximum rebate for commercial properties. It is also believed the program will give companies with more than 500 employees the opportunity to participate in the incentive program and receive a rebate. In the past, those businesses are not allowed to apply for an incentive.

The program is also expected to not use a lottery system nor limit the number of residential and commercial properties that can receive the rebate as these types of programs have done in the past. If this is the case, any and all eligible residential and commercial properties may apply and receive the rebate.      

“This announcement has potential to stabilize the solar market in Nevada,” said Reid Hamilton, founder and  CEO of Hamilton Solar. “We applaud NV Energy for their innovation in adopting this incentive program. It has potential to attract business to the state and assist in Nevada’s economic development efforts. Nevada is already a business friendly state, and this is yet another reason a business would want to be here to operate. We anticipate this will also attract other solar and renewable energy companies to help raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy use. All of this business growth leads to more jobs in our state and a more  economically strong environment.”  

“Over the past two years, solar energy costs have dropped by approximately 70 percent, making it a source of energy that is affordable  and viable for many of Nevada’s residents and businesses,” added Hamilton.

From KPS3