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We've all heard of personal trainers and personal shoppers, but what about personal farmers?


Wendy Baroli is one - and the GirlFarm farmer joins us for an interesting topic in tonight's Money Watch Q & A.

It's called "The Personal Farmer Program.”

If you have any questions for her, call 858-2222 between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. tonight.

GirlFarm is tucked away at the top of a watershed bordering Northern California and Northern Nevada, an easy 30 minutes drive from Reno, Nevada. Through the work of volunteers, one determined full-time farmer, and two part-time farmers - sustainable land and water management practices have been employed since August of 2008.

Personal Farming is the next step in sustainable agriculture and ranching. We have created the Personal Farmer Program™ to provide local families and independent restaurants with naturally and humanely raised meat, eggs and produce without chemicals, growth hormones or antibiotics. We feed local families and provide fresh produce and meat to local, independent restaurants. Our program provides an opportunity that we believe is unique-a chance to participate in the production of your own food. As a matter of fact, we believe this "experiential" product is key to our success and the best fit families for our farm are those that want to participate in their food production.

Personal Farming is the next step in sustainability. When a small farmer can fed 30 families and still maintain their lifestyle everyone wins, the environment, the consumer, the local economy, and especially the preservation of farms near urban areas. This year we are adding additional meat options. Instead of a 1/4 of a beef you can elect to receive one whole goat or two whole lambs (plus you still get your 1/4 of a lamb).

2014 Personal Farmer Program™ Details (weights are approximate)

?1/4 Beef (~65 lbs) or 1 Goat (~50-60lbs) or 2 Lambs (~25-30lbs per lamb)

?1/4 Pork (~30lbs)

?1/4 Lamb (~8lbs)

?Your Produce list

?Your Herb list

?Any Fruits and Berries as they become available

?6 Roasting/Frying Chickens (participation required)

?1 Heritage Turkey (7-8lbs)

?1 Dozen Eggs weekly during farm open season

?Payment in full or first installment due 15 February; 775-221-0001