Nevada Health Link Adds More Carriers And Insurance Plans

For those who are currently receiving Medicaid benefits, you might want to keep a close eye on your mailbox on April 1st. People will be sent a redetermination packet where this could potentially impact about 200,000 Nevadans.

If you find yourself losing your Medicaid benefits, first thing you should do is reach out to Nevada HealthLink.

Nevada HealthLink offers health insurance for people who don't have insurance through their employer, are not yet on Medicare, and is not eligible for the state Medicaid benefits. What happens is they'll receive an account transfer from Nevada State Medicaid, and then find out if you're eligible for subsidies on Nevada HealthLink.

Janel Davis, Chief Operations Officer for Nevada HealthLink, says, "So we're being really proactive, Nevada HealthLink is trying to get resources and information into those doctor offices to make sure that you know who to reach out to and find out how you can gain coverage again."

Davis says that some important things consumers need to know is, be proactive and make sure you are updating your basic information, your address, email, phone numbers, new job, etc. She also says reach out to the Nevada State Medicaid agency and double check to see if you have Medicaid or dual coverage which could be an issue.

"But Nevada HealthLink is the only place where you can access subsidies and basically what that is, is financial assistance from the federal government known as tax credits, because these are income base plans, and what those tax credits do is they help pay your monthly premium costs for health insurance, and these are private health insurance plans," she says.

Davis says that these are very comprehensive plans that can match to your unique living situation. You can find all their information by clicking here.