New Power for Nevada GOP

A Nevada Assembly committee has passed a bill that would extend school construction bonds and suspend prevailing wage requirements for school projects.

The Assembly Government Affairs Committee held a vote on Tuesday to move SB119 to the floor of the Assembly without a recommendation. The motion failed on a 7-7 vote, but the committee reconsidered the measure later in the morning and two Republicans switched their vote.

The measure then passed 8-6. 

Unions and Democrats oppose the wage rule provisions, while some Republicans dislike the bond portion of the bill and call it a tax increase.

Senate Republicans said Monday that they would create a version of the bill without the prevailing wage provision if the Assembly failed to hold a vote on the measure by Friday.

Nevada Assemblyman John Moore has filed a complaint against fellow Republican Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson over a physical altercation as a result of this bill.

Moore filed the complaint with legislative police on Tuesday after he said an altercation between him and Anderson during a committee recess earlier in the morning. The Las Vegas Republican told the Associated Press, Anderson called him into a meeting in a stairwell and refused to let him leave.

Assemblyman Glenn Trowbridge and Moore voted against Republican-backed SB 119, which extends school construction bond rollovers and cut prevailing wage requirements for school projects. Trowbridge and Moore changed their votes after a recess and sent the bill to the Assembly without a recommendation.

Anderson refused to comment to the Associated Press on the incident. Legislative Council Bureau director Rick Combs said legislative police are looking into Moore's claims but have not been asked by Moore not pursue the incident. Combs tells Channel 2 News that Moore reported the incident so that his version of events would be on the record.

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