Reno Mayor Cashell Endorses Pezonella for His Job

How do you pull ahead of a pack of 18 candidates for one race in Reno? You get the endorsement of the guy who has the job you want.  At least Ray Pezonella is hoping that will be the key to being electing Reno Mayor. 

And that happened in downtown Reno today. At a packed press conference this morning Pezonella won two City Hall endorsements. The first was from Ward 5 City Councilwoman Neoma Jardon.

"I am endorsing Ray Pezonella in this race because I think he's the best candidate to follow in Mayor Cashell's shoes and to move our Biggest Little City forward," Jardon said. Then she introduced Mayor Bob Cashell.

"When they all filed I said I'd be crazy to endorse anyone on the list," Cashell said. "But over time people I run into in restaurants and around town all want me to make an endorsement. And so I studied them all to see where they were coming from. And I feel like Ray Pezonella has the commitment to the community. We need more work horses in this city and fewer show horses. And I feel like he will put in the time it takes to be Mayor on Saturdays and Sundays and every day. And I just didn't feel some of the others would do that. So I am endorsing Ray Pezonella as our next Mayor."

Pezonella said he was humbled.

“This is huge for me. But ii shows me that all the work I've put into getting to understand the budgets and getting to know the city are paying off and that the leaders here are realizing that I am serious and that I am the one to take over at the city."

Now, a lot of the other candidates do have a lot of other endorsements, but Cashell's endorsement is expected to translate into votes. And the polls open for early voting Saturday.

Written by Erin Breen