Vice President Mike Pence Visits Carson City for "Get Out to Vote" Rally

Vice President Mike Pence was the main speaker at the "Get Out to Vote" rally at the Carson City Airport on Saturday.

Pence came to show his support for Senator Dean Heller, running to keep his Senate seat, and Attorney General Adam Laxalt, running for governor.

During his speech, he touted the successful economy driven by President Donald Trump, with the help of Heller.

"Since election day 2016, 4.2 million new jobs and unemployment is at a 50 year low," Pence said during his speech.

Pence also discussed trade, immigration, and federal judges among other topics. Before he got into accomplishments and criticisms, Pence talked about the shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that happened earlier Saturday.

"There's no place in America for violence or anti-Semitism," Pence said during his speech. "This violence must end."

Before Pence took the stage, both Laxalt and Heller spoke to the crowd.

Laxalt's message was about protecting Nevada as governor. That includes protection from crime, protection from becoming like California, and protection from taxes.

"Does anybody want their taxes raised?" Laxalt asked during his speech.

"No!" Most of the crowd responded.

Heller took his time to talk about how he truly cares about all Nevadans, but also spent a lot of his time urging people to vote, even asking the crowd if they've voted yet.

"You saw the number of hands of people who participated in early voting already," Heller said. "We took a look at those that haven't participated. There's a lot of work to do."

During the speech, more hands were raised by people signifying they voted than not.

Pence mentioned during his speech that the midterms are normally poor for Republicans after a win in a presidential election, but norms have not been a concern for this administration.

"That's the conventional wisdom, is it's going to be tough to get the job done on November 6th," Pence said during his speech. "But I think we all know what President Trump thinks of conventional wisdom."

While the push at this rally is to vote Republican, Heller says every citizen needs to cast a ballot.

"Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Vegetarian, get out and vote," Heller says. "It's a duty you have as a part of this country."

Kim Bacchus attended the rally and has heard Pence speak in-person before. She called today's rally "soul-nourishing."

"He gives us hope in our country," Bacchus said. "He gives us hope in our leadership."

Wes Duncan was also in attendance, and is running for Attorney General.

The general election in Tuesday November 6, and early voting is open in Nevada.