WCSD Board of Trustees Approves Change to SHARE Curriculum

UPDATE: The Washoe County School District, Board of Trustees have come to a decision over a new proposed part of the high school SHARE curriculum or Sexual Health and Responsibility Education.

In a meeting on Tuesday, September 10, the Board moved to approve lesson one, which includes gender and sexuality, with the following additions:

  • Adding a preamble that will be read at the beginning of each course
  • Adding one slide to specifically discuss heterosexual orientation and other backgrounds into five different slides, to be implemented as soon as possible so students this year can be exposed to it (this is more of a format change, not a content change)
  • Surveying students that go through the lessons to get their feedback and committee may have to go over it and adjust if needed.

The motion passed 6-1.

The Board President Katy Simon Holland says the preamble would be a way to respect and honor what many refer to as traditional values and beliefs. The preamble read in part, "Family, religious, and cultural traditions and beliefs shape who we are as individuals today. As individuals we have different perceptions and understanding of our own sexuality and that of others."

Now this lesson plan will be added to the rest of the changes that were adopted in June that include lessons on healthy relationships and consent.

Even after this decision was made, officials say this change is only the beginning. 

Rochelle Proctor the SHARE Coordinator said, "This culminates a good solid year of this committee working on this high school curriculum update. Our work isn't done. We are going to be rolling on to middle school here this school year and elementary school from there."

The last time the district completely updated its SHARE curriculum was 2003.

To look at all six lesson on the district website, click https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/379

Original Story: The Washoe County School District reappointed current members of the SHARE committee at a meeting on Tuesday, August 13.

They reappointed members whose terms were up and appointed three new members to fill vacancies.

Pastor Brent Brooks was also reappointed, although there were mixed reactions from people who attended the meeting.

Our crew on scene reports state law requires that a religious representative needs to be included in the committee.

This is a developing story.