Nick Klaich

A few weeks ago, we met the director of St. Vincent's Dining Program in Reno.  He told us it's because of their devoted volunteers that they are able to prepare more than 1,000 meals, every day, to feed the hungry.

This week’s Someone 2 Know is one of the dining room's star volunteers. And his name may sound familiar - Nick Klaich was a veterinarian in northern Nevada for more than 40 years. 

He now serves the community in an entirely different way.

We caught up with him in the kitchen for the dining program and got to see how it all works.

First – the refrigerators. It's what lies inside them that dictates which meals are prepared at St Vincent's Dining Room.

"These buckets are full of apples that will go into our apple crisp tomorrow morning,” Klaich explains.

And it's what lies inside the heart of head baker Nick Klaich that makes the desserts extra special...

"We put some ice cream in the apple crisp, which adds a little bit of creaminess to it"

...because it's about a lot more than just a list of ingredients -

"It's one of the founding principles of Catholic Charities is to try and not only give people a warm meal, a warm blanket, a warm piece of advice but to give them some dignity in their life, as we do."

Mr. Klaich says it gives him great joy to do it.

"One of the fascinating things about being a veterinarian is you get to interact with people and help people every single day - and sitting at home on the couch you don't have those opportunities."

Mr. Klaich says he's not much for sitting around, so after a 43-year career as a veterinarian and business owner in Reno - he was looking for something to do.

"I came down here and met Ray Trevino about eight or nine years ago and started out cutting vegetables and years later, now I'm the baker."

Which means starting his shift in the kitchen at 5:15 in the morning, five days a week.

"When you walk in on Monday morning, we don't have any leftovers at all. So, we started from scratch, made 18 cakes."

Every day, 1,100 portions of baked goods need to be made using whatever ingredients have been donated. "We went through 75 pounds of flour today, about 15 dozen eggs…"

...And, on this day, made 18 orange-cherry sheet cakes.

"We use concentrated orange juice to give the cake kind of a tang, a sweet tang."

Mr. Klaich says his volunteer work in the St. Vincent's kitchen is done by about 10 a.m. - and he always looks forward to the next day

"Oh, I'm gonna stay 'til the kick me out,” he laughs with a big ear-to-ear smile.


St. Vincent's Dining Room is run by Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada. They are currently providing hundreds of hot meals - twice a day - to Reno's CARES Campus emergency shelter - all at no cost to Washoe County.

If you're interested in donating or volunteering – contact information can be found here:

(775) 322-7073.


500 E. Fourth Street

Reno, NV 89512

Onsite Services:

• St. Vincent's Food Pantry

• St. Vincent's Resource

• Hub Immigration Assistance Program

• Administrative Offices


325 Valley Road

Reno, NV 89512

(775) 329-5363


395 Gould St.

Reno, NV 89512

(775) 224-1507


500 E. Fourth Street

Reno, NV 89512

(775) 322-7073

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