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Digital TV Frequently Asked Questions & FCC Form 388


KTVN High Definition Television (HDTV) transmits from Slide Mountain, NV. KTVN is available via over-the-air reception, Charter Cablevision (in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, South Lake Tahoe, Crystal Bay


KTVN CBS High Definition Television (HDTV) transmits from Slide Mountain, NV.  

KTVN's HDTV signal is available on Charter Spectrum Cable (in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, South Lake Tahoe, Gardnerville and Fallon), AT&T U-Verse (where available), C.C. Communications (Fallon, NV), Comstock Community TV (Virginia City, NV) and Zito Media (Susanville, CA). 

If you subscribe to the DirecTV or DishNetwork satellite local channels HDTV package, KTVN HDTV is part of the package. 


KTVN’s main CBS program stream is available via internet subscription from: 


Youtube TV

KTVN is also available for free with an off air antenna.  To receive KTVN HD off-air, in addition to an antenna, you need a digital television receiver. ?TV's manufactured after March 2007 have a DTV digital receiver built in.? Separate set-top off air receiver/converter boxes are available to use with any older TV that doesn’t have a digital receiver built in. 

Off-air reception of KTVN is best accomplished by using a standard outdoor VHF broadcast television antenna.? However, with our high power signal, many Reno, Sparks and Carson City locations will be able to receive KTVN HD reliably with an indoor antenna including the least expensive rabbit ears.  
To find and receive KTVN, you will have to connect your antenna to your TV and do a channel scan.? KTVN's regular program schedule, including CBS HD programming and Channel 2 News, is found on Channel 2.1 .? Our exclusive LightTV service of classic television shows is found on 2.2 .?  And iON Network featuring great TV drama is found on 2.3. 

ANTENNA SELECTION INFORMATION:? To find out what kind of antenna you need at your house, go to It can help you select the right antenna for your home. It also tells you which direction to point your antenna for best reception from your receiving address.? Note:? KTVN HD is a VHF signal.? Antennas designed for UHF reception only may not work for reception of KTVN HD. 

For additional help receiving KTVN HD in the Reno, NV area contact our Assistant Chief Engineer Eric Brown or our Chief Engineer Steve Sonnenburg:
Frequently Asked Questions 
What do I have to do to watch KTVN? 
If you are a cable subscriber KTVN is a part of all channel lineups.? If you subscribe to the DirecTV or DishNetwork satellite local channels package, KTVN is part of the local channels package.? If you have internet service, you can subscribe to channel packages that include KTVN (note not all TV streaming services include KTVN).  To watch KTVN with an off air antenna you can use a digital television or get a DTV converter box to connect to your analog TV or VCR.? Non HD DTV off air receiver converter boxes are available at reasonable cost from popular retail stores like Walmart.?  


How can I watch KTVN's HD programming? 

To see HD programming on your HD TV you must be sure to have an HD signal source. HD signal sources are: off air antennas, HD cable boxes, HD satellite boxes and HD streaming boxes (AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Sony Playstation, etc.). A good old TV antenna is all you need when connected to a digital HD TV or DTV converter box. KTVN HD is also carried by Charter Spectrum Cablevision (in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, South Lake Tahoe, Gardnerville and Fallon), DirecTV and DishNetwork to our entire service area, AT&T U-Verse (where available), Treasure Lake Media (Susanville, CA), C.C. Communications (Fallon, NV) and Comstock Community TV (Virginia City, NV). 

Do I need a new antenna to receive digital High Definition Television?  
If you have an outside antenna in good condition and you can see the top of Slide Mountain, then you should be able to receive KTVN digital High Definition Television through your digital TV. Some locations will be able to receive KTVN HD with an indoor antenna, but an outside antenna is best. 

What happens if I have a weak signal? How do I adjust my antenna for best reception? 
Digital signals are either received with a perfect picture or they are not receivable at all. Weak signals can cause the picture to cut in and out, distortions in the picture or audio gaps which may be eliminated or minimized by adjusting your antenna. To avoid this annoyance, a good antenna system is best.  

If you have a signal with intermittent weakness, installing a signal amplifier between the antenna and your receiver may help. Many digital TV receivers have a signal strength indicator which you can find in the Menu Options. Turn it on and adjust your antenna until you have the strongest signal for the station or stations you want to watch. If the indicator is at or near the “Low Signal” indicator, you likely will have break up in your picture and sound.   

To adjust an indoor antenna, move the antenna to different locations and to see what works best.  (Always extend rabbit ears to their full height.)? To adjust an outdoor antenna, a change in the direction the antenna is pointed, antenna improvement or replacement, replacement of the coaxial cable between the antenna and your receiver, or installing a signal amplifier are the steps to take to improve signal strength. To find out what kind of antenna you need at your house, go to It can help you select the right antenna for your home. It also tells you which direction to point your antenna for best reception from your receiving address. 

Remember that Reno DTV stations broadcast in both the VHF and UHF frequency bands so select an antenna designed to work for both VHF and UHF signals. Some DTV antennas are designed to receive only UHF signals and are not as effective in receiving KTVN HD as an antenna designed to receive VHF as well as UHF signals. 

How do I use my HDTV’s receiver with an antenna?  
First connect the antenna to your digital TV and scan for channels. If you do not find KTVN-DT 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 listed after the channel scan you may need to point your antenna in a new direction to receive the digital signal. KTVN's digital transmitter is located on Slide Mountain so pointing the antenna in that direction should give the strongest signal. The best reception of all area digital television stations may be found in a different direction however as there are digital stations transmitting from Peavine Mountain and Red Peak (which is located near Truckee Meadows Community College to the North of Reno) in addition to Slide Mountain. Watch the signal strength indicator on your digital receiver to find the antenna direction position that gives the strongest overall signal for the stations you want to watch. To find out what kind of antenna you need at your house, go to It can help you select the right antenna for your home. It also tells you which direction to point your antenna for best reception from your receiving address. 

How much do the new digital televisions cost?  
Contact your local consumer electronics dealer to sample their ever-expanding line of DTV products. Prices have dropped dramatically. 

Has the conversion to Digital Television made my existing television set obsolete?  
Eventually yes - but not immediately. You are still able to watch TV on an old analog TV but you will have to add some sort of DTV compatible set-top box (converter box, off air receiver, cable or satellite) to convert the new digital signals to analog for your older analog TV. 

What about my existing analog VCR? Will it be able to play back and record the new digital television?  
Your existing VCR will be able to play back your library of VHS tapes on digital television receivers. However, your VHS VCR will not be able to record the digital widescreen high definition signal from an antenna source. 

If you want to record the programming in HD you must purchase an HD capable Tivo or lease from your cable or satellite system a high definition digital video recorder (DVR). Satellite, Tivo and cable companies offer DVRs that can record and play back KTVN in High Definition. 

What channel number is KTVN-DT?  
KTVN's regular program schedule is broadcast digitally in High Definition Television on DTV Channel 2.1 . The digital television channel can be selected by entering 2.1 on your DTV's remote control. KTVN-DT's exclusive AntennaTV service of classic television shows can be received by entering 2.2 and the iON network schedule of dramas is available on 2.3 .  

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