A local auto shop is doing what they can to keep cars on the road - and keep everyone safe.

"Without our business, other essential business people cannot make it to work," said Vinnie Lucido, co-owner of CoAuto. "So it's pretty important to have an operational car, especially in these times."

There are new protocols in place so you can get service without setting foot in the shop.

"We can be 100% contactless," Lucido said. "You can pay over the phone, you can drop you car off with a lockbox outside. We also do a concierge service where we come to your home and pick up your vehicle and drop it off, completely sanitized."

There are separate lockboxes for drop off and pickup, a new door-to-door service option, and all keys and cars are wiped down and sanitized when they get to the shop and before they leave. Work authorizations are done remotely.

"Our digital management process allows you to look through any pictures, videos and approve the work from the safety of your own home, by phone or an email."

It's business as usual, to the extent it can be.

"I can understand if business drops because people have lost their jobs," Lucido said. "We've actually had to lay off a couple people ourselves, which is unfortunate, but the goal is to bring everybody back on board as soon as we can."

This is a business that has always stressed the importance of community, now more than ever.

"Support other businesses any way you can," Lucido said. "My goal is to support everybody, open or not, whether it's buying gift cards, getting to-go orders, whatever you can do. Maybe it's not getting a refund from an event producer. Whatever it is you can do to support local businesses, I would do that. My biggest word to spread is just spread love versus fear because love always wins."