Goofing around and having fun is serious business for Marine veteran Mathieu “Matt” Jimenez; " I wake up every morning the same way a lot of Marines wake up and say 'I'm gonna make my bed' …but instead, I say, I'm gonna make someone laugh."

He does that with social media - primarily his Instagram feed - which is filled with candid revelations. In one he says to the camera; "I don't think I had a real solid chance at life before joining the US Marine Corps."

Jimenez was just a teenager when he enlisted - and got married - before his first of three overseas deployments.

"I served in Haiti on an evacuation mission. I'm not sure if you remember the earthquake in 2010"

But in Afghanistan ...

"I received a traumatic head injury from a 90 pound IED."

Along with PTSD, Matt says the effects include hallucinations, bursts of anger and much more -

 "...Depression, anxiety random bouts of vertigo."

Jimenez struggled, says he drank heavily for two years.

Matt, pauses thoughtfully, remembering; "It is too much to explain to my children."

But this is not a sad story. Matt dotes on his three kids, and turned his life around with exercise. He then converted that into a job at the gym, which in turn, became a career (with Anytime Fitness).

"My job is to actually manage managers. I'm an area coach - a regional manager."

All the while, still sharing his story on Instagram…

"I was tired and scared and never wanted to see anything dangerous again," Matt relays in another post.

Jimenez wants others like him, wounded or somehow traumatized; to know he's seen proof that one thing definitely helps.

"Reach out to people and seek help...And because of that, they've managed a small change in their life."

To check out Matt's amusing and insightful social media posts for yourself, you can find his Instagram account at matt_at_anytime