Friends Commemorating Home Invasion Murder Victims

Now that there is a suspect in custody, some northern Nevada residents are turning their attention to remembering those who were killed during the home invasions.

Connee Koontz would always say 'hi honey'. She said that to about everybody. She was just so loving, said Koontzs Walmart co-worker Jon Paul Kubicka. She called everyone sweetie and just made everyone laugh. It was always a good day when I had to work with her, said Koontzs Walmart co-worker Dora Ludlow. The employees of the Walmart in Gardnerville fondly remember their former co-worker Connee Koontz. She is one of the four murder victims who were killed during home invasions over the last 2 weeks.

 Koontz's co-workers say that her bigger than life personality and boisterous laughter will be sorely missed. First person I would see at 7 in the morning and she would be busting laughing. For no reason, she just saw something that made her laugh.  It just always woke me up and made me happy to be there, said Koontzs Walmart co-worker Kathya Balthazar Hernandez. I would come in grumpy and she was always like 'hi honey'. And she was just so sweet. She just made everybody's day, said Koontzs Walmart co-worker Dora Ludlow.


Miles north of Gardnerville  in Reno, another man is also remembering his loved ones who were lost in the home invasion murders. My wife and I were shocked. We just spent so many years as great friends that we just sat there and held each other and cried, said Tom Cates from the Reno Rodeo Association. Cates worked with Jerry and Sherri David for decades. The Davids helped set up the Reno Rodeo year after year.  They always wanted to help and do something for someone, said Cates.


Jerry David once served as the rodeo president. He'd walk into a room and you would feel his presence right away. He really commanded respect, said Cates. Sherri David also grabbed people's attention in her own way. She had an extremely bubbly personality. She always had a smile. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. One of the sweetest ladies you ever want to meet, said Cates. The couple was a part of the horse riding related organization known as the White Hats, and owned 5 horses of their own.  Cates says the Davids loved horses, but not as much as they loved people. Sherri and Jerry David will be sorely missed. I love the Davids. Happy trails. Hopefully one when I get up there. we can saddle up and ride again together, said Cates.

The Reno Elks and Reno Rodeo Association will hold a community gathering to honor Jerry and Sherri David. The event will be held at the Reno Elks Lodge located at 597 Kumle Lane on February 1, 2019 from 3:00-5:00 PM.