Someone 2 Know: Josh LaGrone

Our Someone 2 Know this week joined sports' leagues when he was in grade school and continued through college as a football player... now a dad, a coach and a Reno business owner, he works with athletes of all ages to improve their skills and their mental game.

Meet Josh LaGrone.

He is a well-respected and well-liked gym owner. A trainer - and so much more; Josh La Grone opened Strength Society fitness center in Reno, mid-pandemic, to offer the community a place to improve their physical health and mindset.

"My goal is to help young men and young women fulfill their dreams"

For LaGrone, physical pursuits like sports are a great way to hone and strengthen that work ethic. He started when he was six years old. "Basketball, football, track, baseball. I played that all the way through high school."

Josh played it all alongside four brothers.

"So, we were highly competitive - always showing up the other one and just taking care of each other in that way, making sure we present the best version of ourselves on and off the field."

LaGrone gives credit to his parents for fostering that inner discipline and purpose - through Christian faith. "My dad's been a pastor since I was - oh, man - since 2000, so I was like ten years old."

Josh says the lessons his dad taught him early on are what he lives out every day.

"To believe in greater purpose in besides working and making money actually bettering people's lives."

So, many of the clinics and trainings LaGrone offers to youth groups are little to no charge. And a former college player himself, he's also a football coach -  "Staying connected with the youth, helping them and giving them the knowledge, I have."

And because LaGrone plans to work as a strength and conditioning coach at the college level, he got a master's degree in sports science. "Betterment of me as a minority black male, but also information I can now give back to the population."

And whilst running a gym, volunteering, schooling and coaching, Josh LaGrone is happily raising a family. He and his wife are expecting their fourth child - and looking forward to growing their business and their faith together. 

"We don’t do a lot of false promotion, we just stick to having the community that wants to develop that wants to be friends that wants to enjoy life together."


If you're interested in the workouts, training or coaching that LaGrone offers - the name of the gym is Strength Society, in Reno.

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