Court Documents: West Given Methadone While in County Jail

Federal court documents say that alleged prescription drug ring suspect Richie West overdosed on what is believed to be methadone earlier this week while housed inside the Washoe County Jail. 

According to a motion filed by David Houston - West's attorney - West was found unresponsive on Tuesday morning from what Houston believes to be methadone.

Houston says West told him a doctor at the Washoe County Jail administered methadone to West four times, which caused him to be hospitalized at Saint Mary's and treated with norco - a drug used to treat overdoses.

(Note: A few people have told us about narcan, but the actual court documents state 'norco.' You can look at it for yourself in the below posted document.)

A federal judge in Reno has set an emergency hearing for Friday to determine whether West should be released from jail because of his medical condition.

Houston argued last week the jail doesn't have the expertise to treat West's chronic back pain. He said continuing to hold him without bail amounted to "cruel and unusual punishment."

Last week U.S. District Judge Miranda Du ruled that West posed a threat to the community and was a significant flight risk given the serious nature of the charges that could send him to prison for decades.

In her ruling, she cited the more than 60 firearms seized from his truck and home, including a .9 millimeter caliber pistol with a silencer and a "combat-like rifle."

West, Dr. Robert Rand, Omar Ahmad, Braden Riley, Ryan Smith, Alan Martinez, Kathleen Griffin, Clint Bloodworth and Joshua Green have already pleaded not guilty to charges against them. Their trials are all scheduled to start July 19th. 

If convicted, each defendant faces up to 20 years in prison on the conspiracy charge. Rand faces three total counts, that could carry a minimum mandatory 20 years in prison on the distribution count resulting in death. West faces a total of 12 counts, that could carry up to 20 years in prison on each of the other drug counts, a consecutive mandatory minimum five years in prison as to the first firearm count, and a consecutive mandatory minimum 25 years in prison as to the second firearm count.

The indictment states that beginning on about Nov. 13, 2012, and continuing to about April 28, 2016, Rand allegedly issued prescriptions for substantial amounts of oxycodone to his co-defendants, who filled the prescriptions at local pharmacies and illicitly distributed them. Then the indictment states that on September 30, 2015, Rand allegedly issued an unlawful prescription for oxycodone, resulting in the death of 33-year-old Michael Yenick.

Everyone but Rand was arrested on April 28th after the DEA and FBI raided the Jones-West Ford dealership and Richie West’s south Reno home in connection with the alleged drug ring. Rand was arrested one day later in San Francisco.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)