Local YouTube Celebrity Shares His Story

This week, we didn't have to go far to find a story like no other. There's a man who works here at Channel 2 who lives a double life. 

There is one problem though. 

"Do you know 'Brian?" I asked our video editor, Tonya Howard. 


"Heck?," she responded hesitantly. "Brian Heck?" 


"No, the Brian who works here," I told her. 

Tonya didn't have a response. You see, many people here who don't know about Brian's first life. 

Brian Schiedel is a creative services producer. In other words, he makes commercials. 

"We create it, we shoot it, we edit it," he explains. "We get it all done. And hopefully the clients love it."

Brian is also a YouTube Celebrity... like really... a YouTube Celebrity. Brian's page is called 'Wrestling with Wregret, ' a channel that 'looks at the strangest, the silliest, and the stupidest things to ever occur inside the ring and out.'

"It was once a humble, labor of love. Now it's practically a second job." 

His videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Brian started his channel in May of 2013, and has gained fans all around the world, since. 

"Mexico. Canada. Germany. Spain. Italians love me. It's crazy."

He does it all in a spare bedroom in his Northwest Reno house. Wrestling has been his passion for quite some time. Combine that with a quality product,  and you have a winning recipe. 

"You got to find a niche, and you got to exploit it, basically. That's how the famous YouTubers work."

This YouTube endeavor helps pay the bills too. 

"It is profitable for me."

After all-- Brian 'Zane' has quite the number of subscribers.... about 84,600 to be exact. To put things in perspective, The City of Sparks has about 92,000 residents. 

"You could fill some college football stadiums with the number of subscribers I have."

But back here at Channel 2, 


"What's your name again? I'm sorry," asks production assistant Dana Mason.  

"Brian. With a 'B,'" he said. 


YouTube celebrity Brian Zane is just Brian, and he likes it that way.. known by few where he works, but known all around the world at the same time.