Stephen Murray worked at a mobile home park in Paradise.  He knew danger was near before any evacuation orders were ever sent out, so he did his best to save those residents. 

Just after 7 A.M., he began driving around the park in circles, honking his horn and alerting others. Murray says, "I got to one resident's house, loaded up her and her dogs and her oxygen machine." 

However, there was only one way out of the Apple Tree Village park, and by this time, it was backed up by cars, not moving. So he took matters into his own hands. In a self-recorded video from that day, Murray can be heard telling one of the residents, "I'm gonna take my work truck and plow through the fence so we can get out of the park."

So he did. Then, after rounding up several elderly residents, he drove them to safety, taking the bike trail all the way out of town.

Murray and his girlfriend, along with their eight-week old baby, made it to Sparks eventually--safe and sound. Although their house is gone. 

Murray returned to Paradise yesterday and managed to save a mobile home resident's beloved car and returned it to her. However, he hasn't yet heard word from the entire mobile home community. Murray says, "Unfortunately not 100% of people have been accounted for. Out of 281 in one little community, it's tough."

Going forward, he's not sure exactly what his next steps are, but he's trying to keep a positive mindset in the toughest of times. Murray says, "I do believe Paradise will rebuild. All these places that have burnt, all these people without homes or who have lost loved ones, just keep your head up, keep positive because...we'll get through it all together."

He says he and his family came to Sparks because the air quality all across Northern California was so unhealthy. The Nugget is giving them a discount while they stay there. There's also a GoFundMe set up for them, if you'd like to help out, click here.

Murray would like any residents of the Apple Tree Village park to contact him or the park owner, Mike Murphy, to try and account for residents. You can contact Murray at or (530) 513-8003. Or you can contact Mike Murphy at (916) 715-7342.