Meghan Litchfield

Like so many business owners over the past two years, our Someone 2 Know made some big changes during the pandemic. 

Last summer, Meghan Litchfield moved out of the Bay Area and set up shop in northern Nevada. Verdi now headquarters her company called RedThread - which prides itself in creating clothing for women and by women - in a very unique way.

We visited the busy businesses and arrived to find the sewing machines whirring away.

Seamstress Gladys is customizing a pair of pants to perfectly fit a client.  Customization is key, says Litchfield, founder of RedThread. "We really want to meet women where they are, not where the fashion industry expects them to be."

Litchfield says not that long ago, all clothes were custom made, now shoppers have to choose from a selection of standard sizes. She says she got frustrated finding pants for herself that fit well, "So I started asking all my friends. They had the same problem, I did more research and learned that 90% of women have trouble finding pants off the rack".

So, in 2018 Litchfield launched RedThread to solve the problem in a way that would be quick and painless for the customer. “We created a patent-pending technology where you take two photos off your phone, we get all your measurements and then we make a piece just for you, right here in our Reno sewing studio."

Litchfield got her start sewing when she was just a kid - on a specific machine - which was her mom's since she was a kid. "My mom was a seamstress, she made everything for me, all my nice party dresses and everything."

Now Meghan herself is a mom of two, with a growing daughter who is showing interest in the business. Litchfield says she's proud of how the company is evolving. "We felt really strongly we're meeting women where they are and not where anybody thinks that they should be in terms of shape or size. We just want women to put on their clothes and leave every day and feel like a million bucks!"

The company's best seller is their black pant - it costs $148.00. Litchfield says every item they sell is customized to order and can be altered, free for life. 

A link to their website right here – RedThread

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