E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center Opens at the University of Nevada

After more than a year of planning and construction, on Monday the 108,000 square foot E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center opened its doors at the University of Nevada.

With a multitude of different activities and classes available, University President Marc Johnson says the new fitness center doubles the amount of space available for fitness at the campus.

"We've learned through studies that a fitness center is one of the top five reasons that students choose a campus, so it's going to be really important for recruiting and retention of students," says Johnson.

The facility features an indoor track, basketball courts and a variety of areas designated for weightlifting. The $47 million project began construction during June of 2015. Any remaining costs of the fitness center are being financed through the university and supported by a student fee of $45.00 a semester.

Students we spoke to believe the price tag will be well worth it, especially because the campus continues to grow. Student Julia Hershey says the university's commitment to fitness will help to blend education as well as better health.

“Being able to come here and let out my stress is super awesome and it definitely helps my grades, says Hershey.

The E.L. Wiegand fitness center was built on a part of the campus where a parking lot was once located. To offset the loss of parking, 85 new parking spaces were built beneath the first floor.