Some Nevada dispensaries are getting a taste of locally made IPAs as part of their selection. OMG THC is teaming with Great Basin Brewery in this unique venture.

Beer lovers rejoice. It's not often you see beer in a marijuana dispensary. But, OMG THC and Northern Nevada based Great Basin Brewery are looking for a unique way to fuse the flavors. They're taking the flavor of an IPA's hops and mixing the flavor compounds with cannabis oil to create some special THC cartridges.

"We use a CO2 extraction method which involves a lot of pressure and Carbon Dioxide to extract the flavor compounds from the hops. We marry that refined cannabinoid oil with those refined hops turpenes and that is what gives it that amazing hop flavor that you get when you drink an Icky or a Tectonic," said OMG THC COO Stephanie Magurno.

In this case, Icky is a good thing. it stands for Ichthyosuar IPA, one of Great Basin Brewery's popular beers. Tectonic Event Double IPA is another of their brews. "It only made sense combining the two. Our Ichthyosaur IPA and Tectonic Event are very hoppy beers," said Great Basin Brewery Brew Master Tom Young.

As of Wednesday, vape cartridges with the taste of those IPAs hit shelves at Blum dispensary in Reno. Next Wednesday, Blum in Las Vegas will sell them too. Blum dispensaries will sell these cartridges exclusively for the next two months. Then OMG THC is hoping to expand to other dispensaries and possibly incorporate Great Basin's other brews.

Great Basin Brewing Company has partnered with OMG THC on their all-new line of “craft beer paired” cannabis products released to the public.

A so-called “cousin” to cannabis, hops have similar yet unique flavor and aroma compounds called terpenes. Every variety of hops have specific terpenes, which play a part in giving each different beer its own specific taste.

Great Basin Brewing Company provided OMG THC their signature hop blends for two of their most popular brews: Ichthyosaur ICKY IPA® and Tectonic Event Double IPA. OMG THC extracted the hop terpenes from each and infused them into their premium cannabis distillate. The result is two distinct cannabis products that mimic the hop aroma and flavor profiles of each separate craft beer.

“For over 26 years Great Basin Brewing Company has been on a journey to explore the expanding world of craft beer and to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Tom Young, Owner and Brewmaster of Great Basin Brewing Company. “While no beer was used in creating these ‘paired’ cannabis cartridges, we see the infusion of our hop blends as another step in that never-ending quest.”

While adding cannabis derived terpenes and THC compounds into alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited by federal regulations, adding hop terpenes into cannabis is permitted under Nevada state law.

“Working with the brewers at Great Basin Brewing, we fine-tuned the exact hop terpene amounts to infuse into each cartridge to give it the perfect ‘paired’ effect we were looking for,” said Stephanie Maguro, Chief Operating Officer of THC Production, LLC parent of the OMG THC Brand. “We can’t wait for fans of craft beer and cannabis to enjoy this all-new experience.”

OMG THC is releasing both “ICKY” THC and Tectonic THC on Wednesday, August 5th exclusively at Blüm dispensary in Reno.

The following week, on Wednesday, August 12th, fans will be able to find both products exclusively at Blüm dispensaries in Las Vegas. Fans are encouraged to visit this link for more information. 

(Great Basin Brewing Company)