Sports Betting Big for March Madness

With only a few weeks remaining for March Madness, many people's brackets may have already been busted and others are still trying their luck at the sports books which means big money for our casinos.

David Garduno, the William Hill Manager said, "Total cash taken in over 108 books through out the whole state its up 30% so quite a bit more than last year."

People from all over the country have come to Silver Legacy to create their brackets and place their bets. 

Rich Nelson, visitor from Rhode Island said, "This is our annual fantasy baseball draft basketball betting weekend there are 20 of us that come here from all over the country and do this."

While some people chose to make a bracket, others decide to just bet on individual games.

Danny Gerard, from Sacramento says, "This is the 5th year I have come up with a group of friends and we watch the games and have some fun betting on them."

Silver Legacy says their in-plays betting have been very popular this year. They say it allows people to start betting after a game has started, so when a team starts having a great comeback individuals can have a chance and win their money back.