Mysterious Monolith Makes Appearance at Lake Tahoe

Courtesy: Michael Murphy

On November 18, a mysterious silver, metal monolith appeared in the middle of a Utah desert south of Moab. It was spotted by a biologist, who was counting bighorn sheep in a helicopter. 

The exact location was never disclosed by officials, as they did not want adventure seekers trying to find it. But it didn't stop several people from successfully locating it and giving exact directions on how to get there. 

Just like that, the monolith disappeared. The Utah Bureau of Land Management released a statement November 27, saying they had nothing to do with the removal of the monolith. 

From then on, reports of additional silver structures popped up across the U.S. and the world, from Stadium Park hillside in Atascadero, California, to the Isle of Wight off of England's south coast. One even appeared in Las Vegas on Fremont Street. 

Now, hikers have spotted one around Lake Tahoe near the Nevada-California border. Michael Murphy, who submitted the photos, says he was amazed someone could get the monolith on the cliff. 

(CNN contributed to this report.)