A truck spins its wheels at the Reno Town Mall parking lot during a sideshow in 2022.

Sideshows continue to be a problem in our community.

Police tell us street racing has been happening in Reno for quite some time, but these new gatherings are something entirely different.

Officers first started noticing them around spring time and are now worried about how dangerous they appear to be getting.

“We're seeing an increase in some trends in these groups that seem to be pretty brazen about directing anger towards enforcement and towards authority. Not just RPD but private security companies and even citizens that should accidentally happen upon these events and just seem to be passing through,” says Lt. Michael Browett Reno Police Department Traffic Section.

Police tell us originally -- these sideshows were primarily happening on private properties.

Now, they’re moving to more public spaces, including both large and small intersections.

Officers say while they will make arrests and issue citations, that's not their main goal.

“I think what we want really, we want everyone to be safe, we want to understand what is this about and are there other solutions that can allow this type of activity to occur without impacting public safety and causing property damage and endangering lives."

Police say if you see a sideshow happening, whether on private or public property - don't intervene.

If you're driving - go around them and call 9-1-1.