The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) is experiencing an unprecedented number of unemployment insurance (UI) claims as businesses and employees across the state are impacted by efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The agency says its number one priority is supporting Nevadans’ unemployment needs. They say those experiencing difficulty filing an unemployment insurance claim will not lose benefits, regardless of when they are able file.

DETR is actively taking measures to address the issues related to the UI claims process during this extraordinary time.

“We understand the frustration many are feeling, and we hear you. Please know that you are not in this alone. We are actively monitoring our systems and researching ways to expand our system and staffing levels to meet a monumental need for unemployment insurance support,” said Dr. Tiffany Tyler-Garner, DETR director.

Measures were put in place weeks ago to prepare for a rapid influx of claims, however more resources are needed. Below are some of the new steps being taken to address the current issues:

• DETR, in collaboration with the Governor’s Office, have developed a tool for constituents needing assistance with resetting their username, password or both. The state has launched a username/password reset request form available at: The completed form will result in state staff providing instructions on the next steps through the preferred contact methods selected on the form.

• Additional staff has been allocated to the UI Claims Call Centers, as well as new features to better triage calls. DETR continues to urge that claims be filed online at to free up phone lines for those without online access.

• In addition to new agency hires, additional staff from within DETR are being trained to assist with the backlog of email and phone requests for specific claim issues. Staff from partner agencies are also being utilized to assist in address pressing needs.

• Additional technology is being implemented to help with the online filing process at

• Development of newly created tutorial videos in English and Spanish to guide claimants through the UI process.

Non-profit employees are not excluded from receiving UI benefits if employers selected a method of paying for employee benefits, either paying on a reimbursable basis or contributory basis.