Peavine wave clouds

It’s been a really dry January with no precipitation recorded at the Reno Airport yet. While we’ve been lacking in precipitation the sunsets and sunrises have been neat to look at. High level clouds can enhance sunsets, and we’ve had a few of those lately. High level clouds are called cirrus clouds and are made of ice crystals. Some of the best sunsets and sunrises produces vibrant reds, pinks, and oranges.

In the early morning and late evening the sun angle is longer, which means more light is being scattered. This not only includes blues but also long wave colors like red and orange. With inversions in place, some haze has also developed at times this month. Haze can enhance the vibrancy of sunsets and sunrises.


A strong east wind lead to a beautiful sunrise over the western Sierra last week. The strong east wind correlated with a lot of turbulence and the development of lenticular clouds. This was an interesting morning because the wave clouds did not form region wide, but more so just over the mountains.

The lenticular clouds combined with a pretty sunrise to make some really cool photos. Sierra wave clouds can look like space ships or have a lens shape to them.

Some extra clouds will move in by Monday, but the forecast is a sunny one for the next few days. Enjoy the mild air while it’s here.