Some nurses at Saint Mary's hospital are on strike.

According to the California Nurses Association, the one-day strike will be from 7am Thursday to 7am Friday.

The Nurses Association says it's been in contract negotiations since October, but there's been little movement on key issues like staffing, supplies, wages and benefits.

St. Mary's says it places patient care - and staff and patient safety as - it's highest priority.

They will continue to provide services and operations to patients without interruption while the strike is happening.

The hospital says they hope a labor agreement can be reached.

“Saint Mary’s used to be a place nurses like me aspired to work,” said Katie Dawson, an RN in Saint Mary’s critical care unit. “But mismanagement is driving talented nurses away from our facility. The best way to fix this is for management to listen to nurses because we know what this hospital needs to succeed.”

CNA/NNOC represents more than 500 nurses at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center released the following statement:

Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center places patient care and staff and patient safety as our highest priority. The California Nurses Association (CNA) union provided notice of their intention to strike and picket over a 1-day period on June 23, 2022. During this period, we will continue to provide safe, high-quality care to patients and operate without interruption. It is our privilege to be a trusted source for care in our community, and we are hopeful that a labor agreement can be reached.