Douglas County Declares State of Emergency

Douglas County is under a state of emergency, because of widespread flooding.  Heavy rain has caused the Carson River to overflow its banks, sending water over miles of ranch land, neighborhoods and golf courses. 

Water flowed over Highway 395, causing the road to close in both directions at Cradlebaugh Bridge.  Almost every road that runs west of the highway is also closed because of flooding.

"It makes things hard for people that are trying to get to work, commuting, and then there's a safety factor there, too," Captain Dan Coverley, Douglas County Sheriff's Office said. "We don't want people to get hurt."

Some residents were stranded, with water surrounding their homes in some areas.  DCSO used a S.W.A.T. vehicle to drive through flood water to rescue some residents.  They picked up one adult and 10 children, and drove them through the flood water to safety.

"I'm not too scared, just the safety of my kids, that's the biggest concern," Daniel Rogers, Carson Valley resident said. "That's why they brought this big boy out to get them across here. I mean, I felt safe in my suburban but the kids' safety comes first."

An evacuation center is set up at the Community and Senior Centers but Rogers doesn't plan on using one.

"We'll head to friends' house and families' house, go get dry," Rogers said.

Coverley says it feels good to get people away from danger, and into a dry area.  He also says people are better off if they avoid driving in the flooded areas.

"For today, just stay home," Coverley said. "If you don't have to go anywhere, then stay home, watch a movie, and just relax."

Samantha Box went to her friends' house on Genoa Lane, Thursday, but bad weather kept her stranded there over night.  Some of the homes in that area have flood damage.

"Where the water's up to their doors, I feel so bad for that," Box said. "They're even worse stuck off than people that were prepared. Last night, good thing we had emergency candles because the power went out."

While residents are dealing with the immediate impacts of the flooding, they know the water will recede soon.  That still leaves them with days and weeks of work, related to the flood.

"It makes a mess," Coverley said. "It makes a huge mess and then there's cleanup aftermath that people kind of forget about."

"I just hope everything and everybody's safe," Box said. "That's the most important thing."

From Douglas County:

Minden, Nevada- 11:15 am-The Douglas County Board of Commissioners have declared a State of Emergency due to a flood and wind event that took place over the last couple of days. The flood event is supposed to continue into the duration of the weekend. The declaration has been submitted to the State of Nevada and will allow regional partners to speed up the delivery of resources required to more effectively aid in requesting additional resources, aid in recovery, and meet the needs of the community during a time of crisis.

According to the National Weather Service in Reno, the Flood Warning in effect until late Saturday night for the Carson River, affecting  Douglas County.

Highway 395 is closed at Cradlebaugh Bridge in both directions.  An alternate route is being set up through Jacks Valley Road and Fairview. Douglas County Sheriff’s will be helping with traffic flow in Genoa.  Please drive with caution and follow directions from law enforcement personnel.

Currently East Fork Fire Protection District, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Road Department, and several entities are working together, and staying in close communication with the National Weather Service to monitor changing conditions. Resources are being staged strategically throughout Carson Valley so responders can quickly assist citizens as incidents arise.

Voluntary evacuations of the Aspen Mobile Home Park and Kings Lane Mobile Home Park occurred late Thursday evening and Friday morning.  The Community and Senior Center has been set up as a shelter and is taking evacuees and their pets. 

Douglas County is encouraging residents to utilize the Douglas County Flood Hotline to assist them in obtaining non-emergency information related to current flooding in Douglas County.  The hotline is in operation and staffed by DC Sheriff’s Office Citizen Patrol and will be open at 7 a.m. Friday morning.

The number to call is (775) 783-6404 or (775) 782-9099.

Response priorities for County Road Crews include life safety, preventing damage to homes, maintaining emergency access to property, and providing for safe travel on County roads.

For road closures and flood updates visit:

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