Nevada's new Governor Joe Lombardo had a busy first week in office, according to his team. 

One of his big focuses was getting more state employees into the office. Governor Lombardo's Chief of Staff, Ben Kieckhefer, says that more than 24 percent of positions in Nevada are unfilled. 

Today, January 6, 2023, Governor Lombardo signed his two first executive orders, one of which will help to try and fill those vacancies. 

The Governor's Chief of Staff tells us that the executive order (seen below) should streamline the State hiring process. 

Ben Kieckhefer tells us, "The fact that almost one in four authorized state positions is vacant means that we're not getting the job done right now. And that's what the governor really wants to address, ensuring that people come back into state service to provide service to the people of this state because they deserve it. They need it. They pay for it through their taxes." 

He notes that the state hiring process currently is too arduous. 

This new order is meant to shorten the onboarding timeline. It also sets a deadline on the matter. 

All State employees will have to transition back to pre-pandemic, in-office work by July 1, 2023. 

"If they're willing to come and work for the State, we're excited about that. We want them here," Kieckhefer said. 

Governor Lombardo also signed another executive order today, ending all of Steve Sisolak's COVID-19 emergency orders signed during his time in office. 

Gov. Lombardo's administration says it will tie up any loose ends. 

Kieckhefer clarifies, "this executive order by Governor Lombardo makes it very clear that any restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are no longer in effect."

Moving forward, the Governor tells us one of his top priorities is improving K-12 education in Nevada. Kieckhefer says that the Governor will continue the investment he's prepared to make for K-12 students will remain as he prepares his budget for the next two years. 

The Governor has not yet disclosed the amount he plans to invest in Nevada's education system. 

We expect more updates from Governor Lombardo as he gets settled into office. His first State of the State Address is planned for January 23. 

You'll find that on KTVN the day of, as well as livestreamed here at

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