Alleged Misconduct, Professional Competence In Question: Trustee Church Agenda Item Pushed Back

UPDATE: An agenda item to discuss allegations against Washoe County School District Trustee Jeff Church has been pushed back for the second time.

In a statement sent by Board President Dr. Angie Taylor, the discussion will be rescheduled "pending the conclusion of an independent investigation regarding 'who knew what, and when' surrounding the resident of former Trustee Jacqueline Calvert."

Calvert resigned from the board on September 24, citing an error that she was no longer living in the district she was elected to represent.

Taylor did not give a date for the rescheduled agenda item at this time. 

You can read the full statement below:

The agenda item related to the discussion and possible censure of Trustee Jeffrey Church will be rescheduled pending the conclusion of an independent investigation regarding ‘who knew what, and when’ surrounding the residency of former Trustee Jacqueline Calvert.

After last week’s meeting of the Board of Trustees and in consultation with me (as Board President), Superintendent McNeill directed the independent investigation to be conducted.

The Gunderson Law Firm will conclude their investigation after interviewing Trustee Church, who is unavailable before October 12.

Currently, all supporting material can be found here. Once a new date and time have been scheduled, the materials will be posted publicly to the appropriate meeting.

UPDATE: The Washoe County School District (WCSD) Board of Trustees President Angela Taylor says the agenda item to discuss allegations against Trustee Jeff Church has been postponed until October 12.

In a statement, Taylor says the postponement will give more time for Church and other members to review materials and will allow for a more thorough conversation with trustees. 

You can read the full statement below: 

When Board Clerk Dr. Nicolet and I initially met with Trustee Church last week to provide notice of the meeting to consider his character, alleged misconduct, and/or professional competence he asked if he could review the detailed allegations as soon as possible. I advised that I was preparing my notes for the meeting but I heard him and would do what I could to get him something earlier. I initially thought the compiled material would be available no later than last Friday (September 24), but unfortunately there was more information to gather than I anticipated and additional time was needed to appropriately prepare it (e.g. redacting personal information) so it was not ready to be posted until this morning.

As a result, I consulted with the Board Leadership Team and made the decision to move the agenda item to the October 12, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees. I believe this postponement will provide more time for Trustee Church and other members of the Board to review the supporting materials and will allow for a more thorough and constructive conversation with all Trustees. Additionally, it will provide a more transparent process as members of the community will also have a better opportunity to review the materials.

Original Story: The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees will consider the character, alleged misconduct and/or professional competence of Trustee Jeffrey Church and may take administrative action against him.

The trustee is on Tuesday's agenda.

According to the Board, President Taylor received multiple complaints about Trustee Church and his actions as a Trustee related to Board Policy and Board protocols. Former Vice-President Caudill and President Taylor met with Trustee Church to discuss the concerns raised. 

According to the Board, President Taylor attempted to work with Trustee Church through mediation to ensure that he followed Board Policies. In Tuesday's agenda materials it says, "It has become clear to President Taylor that none of these steps have worked. Therefore, pursuant to Board Policy 9051(4)(g), President Taylor is moving forward with this agenda item for the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees (Board) to discuss and possibly act to censure Trustee Church."

2 News received this statement from Church below:

I assure you that my character, competence meet the high ideals you expect of me and that there is no misconduct. Watch any Board meeting and you'll see my professional staunch advocacy for quality education, transparency, and the taxpayer. On the other hand my website or those of others ( & etc.) clearly upset many on the status quo side. The public - good citizens- woke up to what is going on. As I told "them", this is not Jeff Church or WCSD, it is a nationwide movement from Louden County, VA to Colorado Springs and everywhere to take back our schools and address Quality of Education.

Jeff Church

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