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Efforts to form the Nevada Battery Coalition were formally announced during the Nevada Clean Energy & Transportation Conference at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino earlier this week.

Coordinated by Caleb Cage of Arc Dome Strategies, the new trade association will form to provide key support to the industry in three primary areas: public awareness, workforce and economic development, and industry promotion.

The member group will include a variety of organizations that operate within every stage of the lithium supply chain.

“Nevada is emerging as a leading lithium battery center in North America,” said Cage. “Every stage of the energy storage supply chain, from exploration to recycling, is present and developing in the state, and it is poised to grow. The current investment in this industry has produced profoundly positive environmental, economic, and national security advantages, all of which are strengthened by uniting the industry through the Nevada Battery Coalition.”

Cage and Nevada Battery Coalition members will focus on the many opportunities that the lithium battery companies will bring to Nevada by strengthening and diversifying the Silver State’s mining, technology, and manufacturing sectors and establishing Nevada as the nation’s lithium battery powerhouse.

“Developing these technologies can help address climate change, it can strengthen our supply chains and help ensure energy independence for our nation, while continuing to spur economic opportunity here and around the country. Nevada is already a major contributor in this space, and the potential is seemingly endless,” Cage said.

Companies participating in establishing the Nevada Battery Coalition include 3PL Operating, Inc., Albemarle Corporation, American Battery Technology Company, American Lithium Corp/Tonopah Lithium Corp, Aqua Metals, Inc., Comstock Inc., Cypress Development, Dragonfly Energy, Ioneer USA Corporation, Lithion Battery, Lithium Americas, NV Energy, Tesla, and Quantum Copper.

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