A popular downtown Reno restaurant has re-opened under new ownership, with a new name and a new look. Smith and River, formerly Campo, opened the doors this week. Owners Colin and MaryBeth Smith of Roundabout Catering came back to the property in well, kind of a roundabout way.

"It's funny, it's kind of full circle," said Chef/Owner Colin Smith. "We came here originally before the original Campo was here and we looked at the site. And at the time it was too much money for us to put out and go in and develop it, so I called my buddy Mark."

Chef/Owner Mark Estee turned the spot into a downtown destination.

"And then when he sold it, the vibe changed a bit," Smith said. "And from there we just wanted to bring a lot of that original downtown energy back."

The doors closed seven weeks ago for a complete remodel - and reopened this week with a new concept.

"It's a family bistro," Smith said. "It's American bistro food, so that gives us a license to do kind of whatever we want, and that's what we wanted. We didn't want to fall into any one category."

And they wanted a space to make everyone feel at home.

"I want them to see it as a great place to hang out," Smith said. "Come in, have a pizza, have a drink, sit on the patio or inside. We want to make it comfortable wherever you're at. We're going to deliver high-quality high service at a very comfortable family price."

It's the latest project to bring some new business buzz back to to downtown.

"I'm really excited about what we can bring to this area because there is so much excitement," Smith said. "The original Campo was an amazing, exciting place and we want to bring that excitement back here and have a nice place for people to land when they land downtown."

With the current economy in mind, everything on the menu here is priced at $32 or less. Smith and River is open Wednesday through Sunday.